High tide highlights

Freiston shore 03/08/2015

The tide was quite a goodun, the saltmarsh and reclaim area was entirely covered. Lots of waders were pushed up.

P1020975 P1020976 P1020977

6 curlew sandpipers were on the lagoon.

A little stint was on the reservoir.

Whimbrels perched on posts, with others flying south, lots on the saltmarsh 50+ seen. 2 on the reservoir. Plenty of curlews, too.

A couple of thousand oystercatchers preened and rested on the lagoon.

Lots of dunlin, knot, turnstones and redshanks also on the lagoon.

4 little ringed plovers on the reservoir.

At least 40 grey plovers, a few on lagoon, most on saltmarsh, some in spanking breeding plumage.

A few barwits and blackwits.

8 green sandpipers on the shooter’s pool.

3 common sandpipers, greenshank.

Avocets all gone!

There were a few raptors about, with peregrine, hobby, marsh harrier, kestrel and my first merlin of the autumn.

Quite a few yellow wags seen,mostly juveniles. Corn bunting and grey partridges showed along the wetland trail.

curlew sands, redshank, blackwit and oycs.
little stint


Sketch of the day.

Grey plover. Marker pens.



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