Knot a bad day…

Fancied somewhere completely different today so went for a bit of a drive round. First stop was at Baston gravel pits and my jaw dropped as the only wader I saw was a summer-plumaged knot!, the first one I’ve ever found inland. Well, that made my day, but it got a bit better later on.


I drove on a bit further, towards Willow tree fen nature reserve, expecting nothing in particular but with much hope. While looking through some yellow wags and linnets along the main track I looked round to see well known birder and twitcher John Weldon. His first words were “it’s down there” -“what”, sez I, “the red-footed falcon” sez John, “you bloody wot?”, sez I.  Yep, there definitely was one! I swear this was a total jam-in, I didn’t check any bird news services last evening or this morning, even though Sharon asked me if I wanted a quick look on her pad before leaving the house. What a brilliant piece of luck. Apparently it’s the same bird that was in Staffs recently. To me it seemed slightly out of sorts, sleeping a lot and generally a tad lethargic. Hope it’s OK.


P1030062A hobby was seen, with another later at nearby Baston fen. A couple of red kites seen on the journey home.

this lovely hare was at willow tree fen


Sketch of the day.

Red kite in colour pencils. (sketched from an internet photo.)



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