Patch Garganey

P1030428This juvenile garganey was found yesterday by the Doc. Nice one Alex, I reckon my site list would go through the roof if you returned home a bit more often.

I watched the bird last evening up until dusk as it fed with lots of teal. It dabbled constantly, looking like it’s on steroids, feeding amongst the vegetation like crazy and very mobile, covering the whole scrape. A dawn visit was called for and I got  a few photos, digiscoped.P1030494P1030481


The bird was very brownish/cinnamon/gingery. More so than in reference books. Looked different in changing light. Great article here.

A marsh harrier was around yesterday, too. A tawny owl flew up from the roadside verge on the approach road.



Sketch of the day. Grey heron.

An experiment using the ‘paint’ computer program.


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