Witham mouth, then Lincoln

Mon 21st sept.   Introduced Ben W to the delights of the Witham mouth. We started out from Freiston where the best bits were an early stonechat and a couple of pintails. A peregrine sat on the old ladder frame on the saltmarsh for ages. Ben picked up on a black tern going towards the mouth. Gannets were the most abundant seabird, 60 or more seen during the day. Brent geese have started to arrive, three figure count noted. Had a couple of ufb’s. (Similar to ufo’s but the b stands for bird). These are common!

At the mouth we seawatched, more gannets. Bad weather set in. c75 sandwich tern, a single common and half a dozen little terns were seen. 2 arctic skuas showed and a bonxie had a go at a great black-backed gull, quite a sight. Plenty of waders moved  about and a couple of marsh harriers flew over the saltmarsh. Not a lot else, a couple of eiders, a few gt crested grebes, gulls, wigeon and teals were all that filled our view.

Then we saw a fin break the surface. We saw it again, attached to an all dark creature that looked large, it moved very fast between it’s appearances. Probably just a harbour porpoise that looked bigger than it was. Only fleeting glimpses before it went back out to the deep.

We trudged back to the motor, getting drenched. Ben convinced me we’d still have time to check out the gulls before I dropped him back home. Around 10 yellow leggeds were in with the roost on Millenium green. They all moved to Apex pit and hundreds more large gulls were piling in, right up until dark. The light had gone and we couldn’t grill them properly from our position so we called it a day.

On the way home I had a couple of barn owls caught in the headlights.

sunset millennium green
half moon over north hykham
millennium green


Sketch of the day.





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