Garden Bullfinches

Over the last couple of weeks I have been hearing and very occasionally seeing Bullfinches in the tree that is at the bottom of our garden in school grounds.

Today I got a glance for a second of a bird half way down the garden in with House Sparrows foraging; I immediately thought “Bullfinch!” to myself, spent a while with camera at the ready in case it appeared again, it was a juvenile or hen going by the colour. Later that day Karen shouted me from the kitchen “There’s a bird drinking with a black cap!” Bullfinch again? I thought, I showed Karen a pic on my iPhone and she said it could be but again it was only there for a couple of seconds before it went back to the safety of the tree at the end of our garden.

I decided to get my camo netting set up in the summer house we have at the bottom of our garden under the said school tree and wait.

Within 5 minutes two juvenile Bullfinches dropped onto the branch I have hung between two of my three feeding stations, great stuff! they did not see nor hear me snapping away from my make shift hide and fed and drank for a couple of minutes. The rough looking mother fleetingly appeared to drink again on its own too.

This was one of a handful of occasions in 17 years that I have withnessed adult Bullfinches in my garden and in the past these have been males. So to see a female and the real bonus of two young birds was a real treat. Below are a few nice images of the said birds, hope you like? I know I do!

I hope they decide to frequent our garden more and more and that they stay around a good while, time will tell but you can rest assured I will be looking out for them in the future.








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