It was good to be back at Lamorna, where we were staying at the same place as last year. After breakfast I was keen to explore my temporary ‘patch’, hoping to find firecrests, having seen them here last year. The weather was glorious- warm, sunny, calm, settled. The area is a labyrinth of small fields and mature hedgerows. Birds were being alerted to me not by call or sight, but by the sound of fluttering wings. It was that quiet, not a breath of wind. You could even pick up the sound of tiny birds like goldcrest and wren moving about.

It wasn’t long before a yellow-browed warbler showed up. Nice!

showed lovely but getting a good photo very hard

It was a couple of days later before a couple of firecrests put in an appearance. I suspect they are a fairly common breeding bird around here.



rosy starling

A day at Porthgwarra was a must. The weather had gone a bit, but what a place. Brilliant coffee, pasties and cakes. A juvenile rose-coloured starling welcomed us and later a couple of choughs came to suss us out.

this chough took a disliking to Lily,our schnauzer

Checking out Hayle estury, at least ten mediterranien gulls came and went. An absolutely stonking pale-phase buzzard landed briefly, this was the most striking looking one I’ve ever seen- totally white head and underparts. Miffed I couldn’t get a photo.

med gull
this couple were making the most of the weather



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