Stint sprint…

Ten past seven in the evening, BW phoned me (I knew straight away he’d ‘got’ something, as he normally sends texts). A temminck’s stint was the find and I needed it for the year, having missed the three spring records. Birding gear thrown into car, I was off. Oh no, petrol light was on, didn’t stop. Sun going down. Foot down, now I’d find out how much my tank reserve held. Twenty six miles later, arrived at ten to eight. Bird in Ben’s scope. Nice.

Had good scope views in the late evening sun, a couple of common sands and a ringed plover were nearby. Graham Hopwood picked up a whimbrel which called a few times as the sun went down but we never saw it.

Running on fumes now, got to the nearest petrol station, filled up and took Sharon a scratchcard home-it was a winner! (tenner). Lucky night.


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