Donna Nook

Two days at Donna. 7th, 8th Oct.

Some good birds were around so it seemed the place to be. On Friday a long walk resulted in good views of the Siberian stonechat, I was struggling to find the spot and had to ring someone for directions to the location. It was a very interesting bird that required detailed observation. A whinchat kept it company at times. Winter thrushes, robins and goldcrests were all over the place. A short-eared owl flushed up from the dunes. Back at Stonebridge a yellow-browed warbler and at least one pallas’s warbler showed.


Returning the next day (with BW), there were a lot more birders about. We got to the stonechat a lot quicker this time, as I knew the route. 2/3 wheatears popped up in the dunes, a merlin dashed very low, flushing up skylarks. A marsh harrier was just inland. The chat was a little less showy than the previous day but Ben was well chuffed with another Lincs ‘lifer’. Back at the car park at least two palas’s warblers showed very, very well. These birds were very popular with the photographers, some great photos around, shan’t bother putting my effort on! Loads of thrushes were in the bushes and a cracking male ring ouzel popped up to give us a lovely eyeful.

It was then that we heard about the albatross being seen again, north off Hunstanton,  so we quickly sped to Mablethorpe to look at the sea. No luck but it was worth a go. A couple of gannets, 5 arctic skua, a few scoters, a couple of auks and divers were all we had. Anther ‘bleep’ had us retuning again to Donna late on, a Richard’s pipit had been seen briefly. We couldn’t locate it so headed for home. My Lincs 2016 yearlist now 229 (BOU).


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