Glossy Ibis

24th Oct 2016

Fenside lane, Boston.

This bird had apparently been around for a few days, feeding in a stubble field not far away from suburbia. I nipped over for a quick look on Sunday afternoon but it wasn’t there. My eye was on the news services to see if there were any further sightings. This morning Paul Sullivan saw it fly off North from Frampton RSPB reserve, it had obviously roosted there. At midday I had another look at the stubble field and surrounding area, again, no sign.

Deciding to do a bit of birding, I headed for Cut End and the Witham mouth for an hour or two. Seabirds noted were; gannet 12, guillemot on the water, common scoter 9, adult drake eider, red throated diver, great crested grebe 3, a late 1st w sandwich tern and great views of a great skua. Lots of waders.

As I was on my way back home, passing the docks area I received a text from PS, he’d got the ibis back in the stubble field! Brilliant timing! All the traffic lights were on green and I was there in a jiffy, I felt like James Corden in that advert-“just call me Mr green light”. Paul joins the list of birders this year that I owe a pint to. By the time my birdguides text alert came through I was nearly home, so a drop of petrol saved for a change.




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