Egrets, Raptors.

Another couple of productive days in Lincolnshire. What was supposed to be a gentle jaunt around the Lincoln area yesterday, turned into another crazy dash across the county. I met up with Ben Ward, we checked out Toft res – for not a lot really. Next it was Thurlby pit where there were some good wildfowl counts; mute swan 136, gadwall 196, wigeon 866, goldeneye 10, red crested pochard 1.

Just before 1 oclock a message came through; cattle egret x 2, Skidbrooke, near Saltfleet. I had to be back for a family engagement at 5pm, at Croxton (which is in Leics!). It was a twenty minute walk back to the car and we were a long way from Skidbrooke. We made good time though, and had half an hour on site before dashing back again. I dropped Ben off at N Hykham. He was going to check the gulls. I made it back in time-just. This was the first time more than just a single cattle egret had turned up in Lincs, I believe.


Today,Mon 14th. Kirkby on Bain took my fancy and as soon as I arrived I was greeted by a great white egret, flying low over the road just ahead of my car. It took me a while to locate it, on one of the pits opposite the gravel works entrance. Difficult to view this pit, thick  hedging all round. Then it was flushed by a helicopter.

Another text came through, this time from BW; ‘Rough Legged Buzzard, Grainthorpe, Now’.     Back again!, this was my 18th trip to the coastal strip from Gib to Grainthorpe since the beginning of October. Ben was out birding with Andy Sims and Rick Bennet and they found this one while watching the pallid harrier. Luckily it was still showing when I arrived, hunting towards Pyes and hovering a lot. More views were had of the pallid, I saw it catch a bird on the shoreline. A ringtail hen harrier also showed.

I understand Ben and the lads got a much more leisurely look at the cattle egrets, which were still showing today.

My Lincs 2016 yearlist now on 241 (BOU).


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