Duck and Gull search

Picked up BW for our regular Monday trip, we stayed around mid-Lincs, what with the days being so short. Actually clocked up just under the 100 miles for a change. We didn’t find anything outrageous, a marsh harrier was the star bird at Woodhall. At Kirkby a couple of thousand large gulls had Ben predicting that there had to be something good amongst them. The fruits of a good grilling were just a couple of colour-ringed herring gulls which went in the notebook for recovery details. Also on the tip was a ‘nordic’, (eastern) type jackdaw, showing it’s grey half collar.

On to the Lincoln area, half a dozen pits checked, not a lot of note. Finishing at Thurlby pit the gulls were starting to come in to roost. Difficult to estimate numbers, perhaps 10,000 black-headed gulls, smaller number of others. Ten species of duck were noted as we picked up a female common scoter then a couple of scaup, a female and a 1st w drake which could have been the same one I had at nearby Norton Disney last week.

At sundown some lovely soft lilac/pinkish light made for a beautiful scene.



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