Mablethorpe Sanderlings

Last day off before 1st day in work in 2017 meant a trip to the coast for  a wander in the sunshine, camera was in the boot just in case anything was about the beach when we arrived.

No-one about when we got to the seafront car park so persuaded my wife to go for walk on the seafront then into the shops after this! Beach was pretty quiet, tide was ebbing and about 12 to 15 Sanderlings could easily be seen shining bright white as they moved along the shore.

Dropped down onto the beach and thankfully not masses of dog walkers on the beach so the birds were settled and 1 or 2 even coming closer to where I was positioned with the sun behind me.

Pleased with images after only about 30 minutes on the beach with these delightful little waders.

On the way home driving on the A1104 we passed the junction to Saleby (Mill Lane) and Karen shouts “that bird looked a bit different”, – curiosity immediately raised I quizzed Karen and turned back and waited at the grassy junction that Karen had seen the bird with a “bright white head”. A few minutes waiting in the car and the part leucistic Blackbird came briefly into view and I got the image below, I immediately thought Dave R would like this so hope you do mate!

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