Barn Owl & Long Eared Owl!

Had an amazing encounter with a Barn Owl this evening, we sat in the car whilst it hunted the overgrown banks of a stream either side of us , it pounced on something in the grass and eventually flew  away from us with what I think was a small rat, as it made its way towards a bank of trees alongside the field a Kestrel swooped in from above us to presumably challenge the Owl for its catch as they are bullies and often rob Barn Owls ! when all of a sudden a Long Eared Owl appeared from no where and checked the Barnies catch too !! the Kestrel retreated immediately, the Barn owl entered its box and the Long Eared Owl continued on its way ! Unbelievable and all before 6.30pm !!



Barn Owl pic from Lincsbirders archive 

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