As the Redpolls, Siskins and Bramblings that have been visiting my garden over the winter begin to disperse I got to snap a few photos of  a nice male Brambling today.

I think over the winter we have had 4 different birds, 2 each of both sexes and the most at one time being a pair feeding on sunflower hearts and niger seed and another female not so bold to make an appearance at the feeders that stayed in the tree at the bottom of our garden.

Today I saw this male bird in the photo below initially on a feeder, not the best seeing birds but sometimes beggars can’t be choosers eh?

Unusually the bird was not bothered at all as I got to within 12 feet of it – the audacity shot as Dave R calls it!

Later on in the day I heard the bird call and so took a look and managed more naturally perched shots as the bird was again not phased at all by my presence.

I guess it will be soon off joining the other Bramblings to head home for the summer – it has been a pleasure observing these birds, each one a wonderful addition to the garden in wintertime.

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