Bempton Cliffs

I try at least once a year to get to ‘Seabird City’ otherwise known as RSPB Bempton Cliffs. I stayed overnight locally in my motorhome for an early start at this wonderful bird watching location.

Arriving at about 8.15am I was soon greeted by good numbers of vocal and posing Tree Sparrows.

Walking down to the cliffs a few Meadow Pipits displayed in the air and were easily seen around the paths.

Getting onto the viewing platforms Puffins were already in place enthralling the early crowds, including if you look closely at the images below the odd bird already appearing to have claimed potential nesting sites.

A Gannet searching for nesting material dropped in perfectly for a close-up head shot or two.

The Gannets were performing in the air closely also sometimes too close for my 400mm lens to fit all the bird in the viewfinder on my camera but eventually I caught some a little earlier to fit all the bird in!

Fulmars, Kittiwakes, Guillemots and Razorbills all tested my skills in capturing them in flight with the latter being my least successful on the day due to the birds flying pretty low and close to the cliff face during my stay – that’s my excuse anyway!! 🙂

Plenty of Razorbills though were pairing up on the cliffs enabling a shot or two.

I am pleased with this image of a napping Gannet I managed to get, very happy with the feather detail as it is not easy to achieve on a mainly white bird especially in the sunshine.

The Puffins were very active in the air with many being seen from most of the vantage points along the cliff paths.

​Birds were busy getting down with the serious business of nesting and mating wherever you looked; all a great spectacle once again.

​​​​​​​More Gannet pics in the air were obtained on the way back home.

All in all, another great few hours, about 5 1/2 this time for me, I left as the crowds grew larger.

Might try to fit another visit in this year later on.

My next seabird fest will be the 2 full days on the Farne Islands I have booked for the first time in mid June  – I cannot wait!

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