Brewer’s Duck at Frampton

Just a few days after finding the hybrid at Belton, I found another at Frampton Marsh. The Belton bird has been identified as Mallard x Gadwall. Lincsbirders sent pictures off to bird hybrid expert Dave Appleton and he quickly responded. Follow him on twitter or see his website for lots of weird and wonderful specimens.

The Frampton individual is another, slightly differently marked example.                                                                                                                        These hybrids were first written about by the famous American ornithologist John James Audubon in the 19th century and was given the name Brewer’s duck.During a full days birding around the reserve Ben Ward and I had these highlights;

  • temminck’s stint
  • little stint
  • garganey, 3
  • curlew sandpiper
  • whooper swan
  • marsh harrier
  • greenshank
  • whimbrel
  • turtle dove 3 at least
  • red kite, Frampton village

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