3 day Lincs tour – day 3

The campsite for night 2 was in Caistor and had several fishing lakes on it so I expected to see a few birds on or around the water on the site in the morning before departure.

Well in truth not a lot was seen, Mallards, Moorhen, Coot and a lone Grey Heron were seen along with Blue & Great Tit, Jackdaw and Blackbird. The Heron saw me and departed quickly; can’t blame it really can you?

After a lazy start to the day, no early wake up required, off I went to Covenham reservoir for the first time to see if the Red Necked Phalarope was still about. I got to the reservoir, parked up and soon realised this body of water was a heck of a lot bigger than I expected.

The walk from the car park to the south-eastern corner where the Phalarope was reported to be took a while, but it was a cold but lovely sunny morning. Mallards and Coot were on the water in good numbers and several Redshank and the odd Pied Wagtail were working the water edge.

I got to the corner where a handful of birders were already enjoying close in views of the Phalarope, first thing for me to do was take a good look at the lifer through my bins to enjoy my premier viewing and then take a couple of rather distant pics in case the bird decided to fly off!

The Phalarope was a busy bird actively battling the waves and the flotsam and jetsam to find food. It occasionally flew in either direction away from the corner it favoured, soon to come back and start foraging for food again.

I got this image with the Phalarope hiding something suspect in its beak – hope it dropped it!

The bird looked much better in the clearer waters but it was hard trying to get onto the bird in the rough conditions was a challenge – but to be honest I am pleased with the images achieved all things considered.

The Phalarope also spent sometime happily preening in the rough water allowing for some different images to show of different views of its current plumage.

It was nice also to some more Lincolnshire birders / photographers at the reservoir who were also enjoying watching the bird.

I stayed longer than planned and so made my way back to the van to have some lunch before heading off back home, on the way around the reservoir (which would mean I complete a full circuit of it) a large group of 40 plus Goldeneye moved from the waters’ edge into the centre of the reservoir as I walked past.

So … 3 days, 2 nights away, over 200 miles driven, 5 locations visited, 73 species seen – 2 of these being lifers. All in all a great time had in our wonderful county of Lincolnshire.

Same words with different images can be seen here >> http://www.stevenesbitt.co.uk/blog/2017/12/3-day-lincs-tour—day-3

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