Frampton at last

I’d not been to Frampton much this Winter owing to the continuous grey and murky weather we’ve been having and in fact my last trip a month or so ago was so uneventful as to be depressing. Yesterday promised something a bit better so I popped over for a couple of hours. This was also an opportunity to do more testing on my new travel camera, the Nikon P900 as it’s less than two weeks before I visit my Son and his family at Annecy and I would like to be in control of the kit when I get there. One thing about the camera is it’s small sensor which apart from the limited cropping ability does mean less dynamic range and greater depth of field, not always a disadvantage though. Anyhow things went reasonably well and I am now comfortable with photographing fairly static birds (in good light) and even starting to get a grip on birds in flight (bif) although a way to go here.

A few from the day, most at full zoom (2000mm eq.):

And an inflight Egret (with eye injury?) showing the problem of lack of dynamic range in the bright conditions:



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