Redpolls still visiting

Am still not able to get out too far from home due to family issues so today managed an hour or so in total out in the garden mainly photographing the 6 to 8 Lesser Redpoll that are still coming to our feeders.

I do have a few vantage points that once I am set up; the birds don’t worry too match about me being there, I have a portable one man chair hide that can go in several places for shots from different angles and backgrounds, a gazebo; that once a bit of scrim netting is in place allows for close up photography, and a more comfortable summer house, see below.

So today I was in the summer house, just standing there with the door open sheltering from the rain and awaiting the birds ideally land on the perch attached to the bird feeder pole and not the feeder itself.

It seems the birds do a circuit of one or two areas they feed collectively and for us it seems about every half an hour for 10 to 15 minutes in out garden. Today while out in the garden 6 to 8 Lesser Redpoll and a lone female Siskin called in with a quartet of Goldfinch, a couple each of Blue and Great Tit and when packing up to go in a Stock Dove dropped in too!

Below a few of the better images in a cloudy, dull and rainy session.

I think you see can 6 different Lesser Redpolls above from the 8 calling in at the moment.

Only managed 1 decent image of the single Siskin, shame the males were not about they seemed to have moved on a few days ago. 

Goldfinches can be seen daily in my garden and are always good for a photographic subject if the light is decent, having said that the image below is not bad considering weather conditions today. 

Last imagine this little blog is of the Stock Dove that called in if only for a couple of minutes, very flighty and nervy these birds aren’t they?

Same words with some different images here >>

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