Leicestershire Merlin

Being based in Leicestershire during the daytime I get to travel around some of Leicestershires finest countryside, its certainly far more diverse in birdlife than my home county Lincs !

I’m aware that a Merlin is Wintering in the area North of Saltby airfield, having seen it several times over the past few months, so it was fantastic to see it heading towards me as i drove between the hamlet of Wyville and Saltby village, amazingly it flew in front of the car and landed about 40m away in the stubble ! frustratingly out of camera shot by the time i stopped, so a quick spin round with very little expectation of it still being sat there ensued.

To my surprise it was indeed still there and seemingly awaiting my return, I managed to pull up in front of it a fire a few shots off before it took off.

Amazingly streamlined and powerful for such a small creature !Merlin3Merlin2Merlin

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