Denton res.

Denton res. 22nd Oct. 2013.

I’ve made a vow to check this site a lot more this winter. It’s very attractive to wildfowl, and is a nice quiet spot. It’s only used by a few anglers, dog walkers and the odd birdwatcher.

An eclipse drake red-crested pochard was the best bird today. It was constantly diving, coming up with  a beak-full of weed with almost every dive. (I much prefer beak to bill, a much better word in my opinion).

Other stuff seen; coot c.150, mallard 60, tufted duck 60, wigeon 40, pochard 12, shoveler 5, gadwall 6, teal 2, gt crested grebe 2, little grebe 5, cormorant 2, moorhen 12, bullfinch, fieldfare 4.

red-crested pochard
this family of little grebes were sticking together like glue
the res. from the neck-end
a kingfisher will perch on this sign one day

Had a quick look at Marston later. Wellies are now required, as they are pulling up the carrots, and the car park area has been turned into a quagmire. Four grey partridges were in the carrot field. 130 teals were seen.

car park ‘moat’
part of the large greylag gathering at mstw


3 thoughts on “Denton res.

  1. No sign of the red-crested pochard this morning, 25th oct.,looks like it departed with the pochards, of which there were none today, either. Tufted duck count now up to c.100. Marsh tit seen. Dave.

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