Gib Point

May 4th.

Warmish, proper Spring at last.

It soon became clear that a good arrival of warblers were in. Grasshopper (2), whitethroat (50+), lesser whitethroat (6+), chiffy, willows, reeds, sedges and blackcaps.

Passage migrants were a bit harder to find. Nige Lound picked out a fine male wheatear. A few hirundines, yellow wags and finches were on the move, mostly south. Vis-miging  from Mill Hill with Nige and Kev Wilson didn’t produce much at all really. The hoped for rough legged buzzard that had been seen further up the coast the day before failed to materialise-ditto for osprey, spoonbill or black kite. Kev thought he heard a brief call from a serin, but needed to hear it better to be sure. knowing Kev, I bet it was one, especially as they were noted at Spurn and in Norfolk, with two at Frampton this morning.

Two cuckoos, one at Sykes and one in the dunes singing and showing. A turtle dove, purring was another great sound to hear once again. One pinkfoot and one wigeon remained from the winter as well as a hundred brent still. At Sykes farm a tawny owl called. a short-eared owl showed nicely.

After Gib we checked the sea banks near Wainfleet and found 4, poss. 5 shorties hunting the dykes and grassy banks. Lovely.

At dusk we called in at Whisby to pay homage to nightingales and weren’t disappointed with four singing males. They sound even better in the dark.

My Lincs yearlist now up to 190. (yes, I did get the black winged stilt at Frampton)

With Ben Ward.

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