Seawatching-and an icky

Mon 5th sept 2016

Picked up BW and we headed for Hutoft. A seawatch here and then another a little later on from Anderby produced a few seabirds. Best bits;

a velvet scoter, north

10 red-throated divers, south

manx shearwater, s

175 common scoter, n

2 fulmar, s

couple of auk sp., 60+ gannets, lots of sandwich terns.

Behind the dunes at Hutoft a male whinchat showed nicely and a ploughed field held 1200 or so golden plovers. 2 med gulls in the Anderby marsh area.

Early afternoon we received a text alert; Icterine warbler, Gibralter point. We weren’t too far away but it still took the best part of an hour to get to the spot. Kev Wilson had found the bird and directed us to the right area. We caught a glimpse straight away but couldn’t get much on it, apart from noting that it was very pale looking. It was a juvenile as expected, very different from spring adults that are more green/yellow. Over an hour past before it showed again but we did have a showy pied flycatcher to entertain us while we were waiting. When it eventually popped out of the sallows we were able to note all the relevant features but couldn’t get a photo.

Another seawatch was in order, on the rising tide towards dusk. Kev joined us.

2 velvet scoter, s

fulmar, s

arctic skua, about 12

arctic tern, s

r t diver 2

220 sp. now on my Lincs yearlist. (BOU).




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