As my son and his family live in the Southern half of France now I visit on numerous occasions throughout the year. Carrying my Canon gear is not only unwieldy but fraught with danger, I was recently commanded by a jumped up Ryanair minion to put my cabin baggage in the hold to which I refused as my camera, three lenses and binos wouldn’t be insured. It nearly ended in a punch up but eventually I was let off. Since then I decided to buy a bridge camera with a super zoom lens to use solely as a travel camera and I ended up with a Nikon P900 which zooms from 24 to 2000mm!
With a trip to Annecy coming up in a couple of weeks I needed to get used to the camera so set about practicing on the pair of Buzzards that live opposite my house. The results have been amazing giving me more detail than I could achieve with my 7DII plus Sigma 150-600mm S. The outfit won’t do what the Canon does but for static subjects in good light it will serve me well I hope.
A shot taken from 120 metres at 2000mm, the bird was worm hunting


A fave perch in a dying Oak


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